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Online video animation can transform any business video, film or DVD into an artful masterpiece. Video animation can be produced using 2 dimensional (2D), 3 dimensional (3D), flash animation, stop motion animation, and so forth. This online video animation can attract potential customers and captivate your target audience, while leaving a lasting impression.

Many businesses, in an attempt to save money produce their own video animations using an online animation maker. The software that is provided with an online animation maker may help you produce an amateur online video animation. However, using a professional video animation provider in London, with their comprehensive video animation services will be able to provide you with a video animation that is lot more effective and professional.

By using a professional video animation company in London like Qudos Animations, you will be able to bring an extra dimension to your company's brand that just your corporate website or press articles cannot do. Companies that use professional video animation services are much more likely to have their company animation video go viral. And, when a video goes viral, you are able to reach thousands more people in a short duration of time. Having a viral video requires no effort from you, your employees or your business. There are also no additional costs when your video goes viral, but you may definitely expect to see an increase in sales.

It is important for companies to know that visitors are typically only on a website visiting for 30 seconds. This is not much time to reach them. Whether you use an online animation maker or a professional video animation company in London, you will need a video that is tailored to your needs and reaches your potential clients.

When people are on a website, they usually retain 58 percent more information when they have watched information, rather than read it. The growth and presence of Internet videos have grown at a tremendous rate of 910 percent from 2005 to 2010, and this rate is continuing to increase. Your business needs be a part of that growth.

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Video animations significantly boost traffic to your website. If someone watches your video and is captivated, they are more likely to visit your actual website. This is a potential customer that you may not have previously captured, thanks to your video animation. Studies show that typically, 60 percent of all web traffic today comes from an online video. Your business should be no exception.

The search engine is also an important tool for business marketing. If your website contains an animation video in the Google index, the likelihood that your business will be on the first page of search results increases by 53 times as compared to not having an animation video.

Qudos Animations can easily help your company capitalize on this growing trend in a hassle free manner. Qudos Animations is able to provide their customers with personalized customer service and features that may not be found by using an online animation maker. Features that are offered by a professional company include professional voice overs, graphics, music that is royalty free, and so forth. Contact us to capitalize on this new trend and let us get it working for you.

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How are video animations different from conventional videos?

Conventional video is normally recorded by using a camera. An animation video is designed and also built by using software such as Adobe Flash. The animation itself can either be 2D or 3D.Animations have one big advantage over conventional video; they are highly flexible. A good case in point is if you want to create an animation video about talking bears. Imagine trying that on real-life bears and recording it on live video! Animations clearly have an upper hand when making films about imaginary situations or even abstract ones, in a way that live video cannot duplicate. You get to be a lot more creative when doing animations.

Do we have to meet physically or it possible for us to work together remotely?

Our experience shows that most clients prefer coming over physically for a good talk about their project requirements. However, it is possible for us to work together remotely. Qudos Animations is also an online animation maker. This video animation London company offers a wide range of video animation services including online video animation. Animations allow a much higher degree of flexibility compared to conventional videos. If you feel that you can adequately define your project specs for us without having to come over to our London office, that is just fine with us. We can make use of online facilities such as Skype , phone and web conferences, emails, FTP uploads and so on to effectively communicate. If you happen to live in London, it would be a good idea to visit us too.

How long should my animation video be?

The length of your video depends on a number of variables. Generally, animation videos meant to be used as corporate videos are rather short and most run for 5 minutes or less. The reason why web videos are kept short is because the longer the video is, the less engaged the audience is likely to get. Online videos are preferably kept short and highly engaging. If you have a lot of material you would like to talk about, it is advisable to produce multiple videos instead of cramming all of it in one long one. This way, you give your viewers the option of choosing the bits that interest them most. It is true that it can be difficult to create short videos for certain themes. However, do not overly concern yourself with this. Our team of professionals will come up with an optimal-length video.

How much should I expect to pay for an animated video or tutorial?

Animation videos are custom-built to suit each company's or organization's needs,preety much like the websites they are designed for. It is therefore quite difficult to give a cost estimate that will suit each and everyone without knowing certain variables such as the length of the animation, whether graphic animations or character animations will be used and so on. Like I said above, the cost could widely vary depending on your special circumstances. Qudos Animations,an online animations maker and video aniomation services company, offers highly competitive rates for your animation videos. This video animation London company will create great animation videos for your organization at very fair rates.

My company project requires a number of animated videos, are there any discounts for these?

Sure we do. In many cases, the assets created during the production of the first animation video can often be used in other videos in a related series. This means that there are savings on time and labor and we are only too happy to pass this to our clients. If you want to get a quote for a series of related videos for your company projects, just call us or visit us online. Whether it is online video animation or the conventional style of animations, this London company will be of help to you. It is also possible to get discounts on animation videos for non-related videos depending on the number. So don't hesitate, just call us or visit us online.

What are the typical turnaround times for an animated video or web tutorial?

The final project turnaround depends on various factors and the exact turnaround date for your project will be given to you once you commit and pay the initial project deposit. This date is also available when we give you a quotation for your project. The deposit you pay secures you a slot in the production schedule. Depending on factors such as your timely feedback and the production load, a typical video animation takes about 4-8 weeks to complete. To avoid rushing unnecessarily to beat your company deadlines, it is always a good idea to visit us the moment your company appraises the idea and decides to go ahead with the project. Then we can begin the planning and will ensure your project is delivered on time.

How can I use my animation videos?

Animation videos are highly flexible and can be used for a wide variety of purpose such as for TV commercials, as web videos for a company's marketing campaign, as viral videos and so on. All you need to do is to be a little creative and imaginative and you will discover that your animation video can be put into dozens of different uses. If you had created an animation video for a certain theme, you can make several changes to the video and use it for a different theme. You can also combine two videos and come up with an entirely new video with a different look and feel. Just be creative when doing this. Qudos Animations, a video animation services and video animation London company will help you create exciting new uses for your animation videos.

Do I need to have a script prepared beforehand for my animation videos?

No you don't. Qudos Animations, a video animation services and video animation London company has got a great team talented professionals with many years of experience in writing great scripts for animation videos. Just tell us what the theme of your video is and we will come up with a fitting script. But just in case you already have a script that you feel will adequately address your needs, you can bring it along and we will discuss its merits together and adjust what needs adjusting. The process of script-writing is a long and tedious one and many clients just don't have the time to do it on their own.

Will I need to be directly involved in the production process?

No you don't have to. We understand that our clients are busy and most can hardly find the time to be directly involved in the lengthy production process of an animated video. However, we shall require your feedback on the project as we progress. But this is not difficult to accomplish since Qudos Animations is also an online animations maker and we can communicate with you using various online tools such as via email, Skype, FTP uploads and so on. This way , we can keep up updated on our progress and also discuss what needs to be changed to make the project even more successful. The only time that you might need to physically come to our offices , especially if you live in or around London, is during the primary planning stage as we discuss project specs.

Can I be guaranteed that my animation videos will serve me well?

Qudos Animations is a video animation services company that has been in the business for a long time and has therefore accumulated many years of experience. You can trust that once we complete your project, you will be fully satisfied with the end-product and will definitely be on the right track to accomplishing your company's mission. We always try to keep the client updated on our progress so as we go along the production process so if at any time you feel something needs changing, feel free to contact us and we will gladly oblige. Your animation videos will continue serving you long after the purpose they were intended fro is accomplished. This is especially true for web videos which will continue being viewed many years later.

How can I use my animation video?

Once your video has been made you are free to use it as you wish. It is a good idea to consult with our animators beforehand to discuss the possible usage. Our animators will then be able to suggest the best type of animation to use. We have animators in London with a vast experience of different types of animation. Your choice of animation may depend upon whether you want to use your video on your website, on a social media page, on television or for client or staff presentations. Our animators, who are amongst the best animators in the UK, can advise on which type of animation works best in a given situation.