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View Our Work Our mission is to inspire and shift perceptions through the creative use of visual content.
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We help brands inspire, engage and truly connect with their target audiences through the creative use of animation and visual content.

With a focus on combining strategic thinking with creativity, we work relentlessly to create sparks of magic and deliver outstanding results.

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We Love Telling Stories that Inspire!

A good story can engage, inspire and shift perceptions. Our mission is to tell such great stories for our clients! So whether you need tell the story of your organization, a product, service of mission you have set out to achieve, we would love to help...

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Join the Qudos Team?

Join the Qudos Team?

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Some Commonly Asked Questions

Why Qudos Animations?

There are a number of unique attributes which differentiate our animation studio from the status quo and enable us deliver exceptional results. Alongside highly competitive pricing, the ability to produce all animation styles, a proven track record, what truly sets us apart is our unique production model which combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking, creativity and analytics to deliver real business results.

Why not give us a call to on 0208 891 2077 to learn more?

What styles of Animation does your studio specialise in?

As a studio, we are capable of producing all styles of animation. So whatever your requirement, we can deliver. In addition, we have expertise in live video production, infographics and other forms of creative content.

For more information on a specific art style, e.g. 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Stop Motion Animation or Whiteboard Animation, please visit the respective page on our website.

To discuss which animation style will be best suited to meet your specific needs, why not give our production team a call today?

Why should I consider explainer animations?

Explainer Videos are an excellent way to quickly present your target audience with key messages. These can also introduce your company as a whole or can be explain the USPs and benefits of a specific product or service.

The key benefits of using Explainer Videos on your website include:

  • Conveying key messages through a storytelling style and format.
  • Breaking the ice as it lures visitors and increasing web traffic to your website, thereby increasing brand awareness, by giving your visitors an experience.
  • Increasing conversion rates – if they like what they see from your video, they will purchase or invest!
  • Gaining far-reaching exposure- Major search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, love videos and prioritise search engine results pages more for websites with videos on them than those websites that do not.
  • Working well with sales presentations, internal communications, e-marketing and other commercial purposes too.

Take a look at our Explainer Video page to find out more about how we at Qudos Animations can help you.

How long does it take to produce an animated video?

The time frame to complete an animated video project depends on a number of factors. These include the work involved in crafting the concept, complexity of artwork, style of animation and its duration etc. In general, we are able to complete most projects within 3-10 weeks.

For a better idea of the time needed to complete your specific project, why not give our team a call today?

How much does an animation cost?

The price depends on a number of factors such as the depth of the discovery process required to craft the perfect solution, the style of artwork, duration of the video etc.

A high quality animation by us can cost as little as £2,500. Our costs are below the industry average for the standard of work and ROI's we consistently deliver.

Give us a call now or drop us an enquiry if you would like to discuss what your specific project would cost.

What size of business do you work with?

We work with companies of all sizes, from exciting start-ups and SMEs to global corporates, such as Ernst & Young, eBay and HSBC Bank.

Have a look at What Our Clients Say

What is unique about your animation company?

Qudos Animations operates with passion, dynamism and integrity – without which the high level of success we achieve would not be possible. Our animations incorporate the latest insights in user engagement and conversion rate optimisation which we use as roadmap to meet our clients expectations.

Our team follows a dedicated approach to exploring each individual brand we work with and analysing its unique market. Coupled with our creativity and experience, this has enabled us to provide our clients with products and services of the highest quality. We believe that here is no better path towards commercial excellence.

Do you provide partnership programmes for agencies?

Yes, we offer partnership programs for agencies looking to partner with an animation company. We have established successful relationships with many leading agencies in the fields of advertising, PR, web design, branding and digital marketing.

Click here to learn more about our Agency Video Production Partnership Program.

What is involved in creating an animation?

Regardless of how complex the work involved is, creating an animation generally consists of: conceptualising, scriptwriting, voiceover recording/presenting, storyboarding, animating, editing and delivering.

Our Process page tells you all about how our animation company works on producing high impact animations and explainer videos to generate higher ROIs for our clients.

What Next?

We believe that producing an exceptional video which shifts perceptions requires the ability to truly tell a great story.....and this is where we shine! Whether you already have a specific project in mind or are just at the stage of evaluating your options, why not give our experienced team a call today?

To put you at ease, there will be no selling! Our creative team will provide you with their insights and honest opinion. If we believe animation is the right strategy for you and we are a good fit for the work, we will let you know. Alternatively, if we don't think video is the best option for you or that we aren't the best fit, we will be equally upfront so that you can make a better informed decision.

Contact us on 0208 891 2077 or by email for a friendly chat.

Qudos Animations FAQ

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