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Whiteboard animations are growing rapidly in popularity as they can do what reams of text often struggles to do; convey a message clearly, engagingly and entertainingly. 

Whiteboard is a style of animation in which illustrations appear to be drawn by a hand, usually on a white background, accompanied by a voiceover that helps reinforce the ideas and messages being conveyed.

This means that key information can be communicated clearly and effectively with whiteboard videos.

Due to their appeal, whiteboard animations have been used by businesses for a variety of different purposes with great success. This includes:

The human touch that a whiteboard animation provides is one to which most people are inclined to respond very positively.

Studies have shown that whiteboard animations tend to evoke the feelings of learning something of value, as most people can relate to their own past experience of a whiteboard being used for learning purposes. In fact, the feelings of nostalgia viewers can get from watching a whiteboard video – relating to their time in school – can also prompt intrigue and interest.

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Whiteboard Animation: The Special Features

Great for Explainer Videos

Due to their engaging nature, whiteboard animations are becoming one of the most popular choices for creating high impact explainer videos. Our own experience of creating explainer whiteboard animations for companies of all sizes from start-ups to global brands shows that they can provide fantastic returns on investment.

Higher User Engagement

Whiteboard videos can really effectively reach out to an audience as they are presented in a familiar way with a human touch. The doodler’s hand is just like that of a real person, and it is as if someone is carefully describing a concept just for you, with the added use of inspiring and helpful visuals.

This can help viewers to connect to the video and its content, and can make them interested to find out more about your message and your business.

The mixture of images and audio in a whiteboard video enables them to attract, inspire and inform people with different information processing preferences. This means you can reach out to a far broader audience than you could with pure text or still images.

Whiteboard video offers an all-round experience that is appealing on many levels. Often they will also integrate an emotional appeal, which is very useful for captivating an audience and keeping them engaged to the end of a message.

Various Uses

It is not only on the internet that whiteboard videos captivate and inform audiences: they are also a useful tool in staff meetings or client presentations. These animated videos are great for attracting and retaining people’s attention so that you can share an important message.If you know some of your viewers’ characteristics, you can even customise your whiteboard video in a way that is targeted to them.

The use of whiteboard videos can therefore be far more effective and efficient than paper documents. This is why so many businesses are now turning to this tool to help reach objectives and drive success.

Easy to Follow

The highly engaging quality of whiteboard videos means that they are incredibly easy to follow. This is one of the most fantastic benefits of this tool: once you have them engaged, you can explain your message clearly, no matter how complex.

A pleasant user experience that is in no way overwhelming is crucial when conveying important information.

Many businesses include an adventurous or funny story in their video, which can make some concepts even easier to follow. This is particularly so when viewers can relate to the story.

Boost Online Sales and Conversion Rates

Industry insiders call whiteboard animations ‘silent sellers’ due to the impact they can have on a websites conversion rates and online sales.

More and more businesses are using whiteboard videos to optimise conversion rates and reach key corporate objectives. The videos can encourage action through e-marketing campaigns, social media campaignsand sales presentations.

With the rise of mobile marketing, more and more consumers are using information they have learnt from whiteboard explainer videos to make a purchasing choice. This is happening across industries, whether they are buying a car or a new cereal.

Your video’s quality, ranking in search engines and presence in social networks will influence the impact you have on people’s decisions.

It is not only in sales that whiteboard videos can encourage positive outcomes. An engaging training video can also encourage staff to act on lessons learnt. So a whiteboard video can inspire action in any setting.

Enhance Learning

Due to their style – with a hand drawing images on a whiteboard, which is reminiscent of an educational setting – whiteboard animations tend to make great learning tools.

They can be effectively used to teach anyone, from an specific individual to an extensive workforce. A video that targets an individual or small group can more accurately take into consideration their unique characteristics, using these to make the video more appealing to them.

A more widely reaching video can also target specific types of people, however. The way you teach a topic to adults or children may differ, for example. Animation is incredibly versatile and is flexible to whatever your imagination has on hand, so reaching out to and educating any audience is possible.

This creative approach will make your educational whiteboard video memorable, meaning that learners retain the important information being conveyed – which is paramount. Your innovation and clarity can make a huge difference when teaching something new.

Universities, schools, other educational establishments and even museums are realising the potential of whiteboard animation as a teaching tool or aid. Because of their broad appeal, whiteboard videos can engage an entire class, despite learning preferences.

Productivityand Motivation

Well produced and clear whiteboard videos can explain to a workforce why things in a business are as they are. They can also express why certain processes should be learned. This understanding can improve appreciation for rules and regulations and significantly improve levels of moral in a company.

Creating an engaging whiteboard video to train your staff can in itself motivate staff, as it can provide them with a better sense of appreciation and recognition.

Including a story that the workforce can relate to in your video can help to not only convey a message clearly, but also to bring the company together. It can show each member thattheir role is recognised and their problems and wellbeing is being taken into account.

Presenting whiteboard videos to your workforce can help to enhance morale as well as to build better relationships between departments and staff members. This can then lead to improved productivity across the company.

Why choose Qudos Animations for your whiteboard animation?


Why should I choose Qudos Animations for my whiteboard animation?

At Qudos Animations, we use our extensive experience and insights to ensure that our whiteboard animations generate the best possible ROI's and we have the track record to prove it.

What styles of whiteboard animations can you produce?

Our animation studio has the ability to produce all styles of whiteboard animation, i.e. digital, traditionally hand-drawn, or a mix of styles. We take immense care in helping you choose the right style of whiteboard animation.

How long does it take to produce a high quality whiteboard animation?

Depending on the animation style and the complexity of the work involved, it generally takes us from 2 to 8 weeks to deliver a top-notch whiteboard animation that you are completely happy with.

How much does it cost?

A whiteboard animation can start from as little as £2,500, depending on the length and complexity of the script.

Our prices are lower than the industry average, but our quality is always excellent which ensures your business generates high ROIs.

Can you provide me with advice on script and animation style which will yield best results for me?

Of course we can! Contact our team today to see how we can help you.

What next?

Give our studio a call on 020 8891 2077 or email us and a member of our whiteboard animation team will get in touch with you to discuss your specific goals and requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.